About Imagitek

Imagitek was established in 1995. Our first customer was an individual who wanted to sell his home on the internet. We went to his home and photographed rooms, and the outside of the house. It took only a few weeks for the house to sell.

Our next customers were Tony Bell and Ian Inglas who were agents at Remax. This site resulted in a full page article in the Kitchener-Waterloo Record about their site. Linda was asked to write an artical about website design which was printed on the next page. Imagitek continued to grow and prosper throughout the rest of the 90s and into the new century. To view some of the pages designed through the years see the link to design samples in the menu.

imageA little about Linda Cummings. Linda is a professional graphic designer with over 30 years experience.  She worked at the University of Waterloo, before retiring in 2007. She worked initially as a print designer before being recruited in 1993 to help create a web site for the UW Library.  During this time she was on the Library’s web maintainance team which used the results of usability studies and web design standards to regularly upgrade the site.   In 2000 the Library lent Linda to UW’s Information and System Technology Department’s web site team to lend graphic design assistance.  Through these experiences Linda has expanded her knowledge and expertise in using HTML, CGI, CSS, and Java Script coding as well the use of the most current computerized graphic design tools.  Linda has attended many seminars and courses to keep up with the most current and successful web design strategies and methods. She has been a guest speaker herself as a web design expert.  Linda’s experience on web building teams has given her the opportunity to experience the excitement of teamwork and cooperation.

In the past Linda has received several design awards including the OLITA Award for Information Innovation, (Ontario Library and Information Technology Association) for work on the web based UW Electronic Library and an Internet Award for Educational Excellence for James and the Christmas Wagon, written and Illustrated by Linda.

Linda has successfully operated Imagitek, a web design business, since 1995.  Linda’s web design philosophy is one of economy and sophistication.  She believes that one should strive to create a site that loads easily, maintains an aesthetically pleasing presence, allows the user to easily navigate through the site, and creates an excitement that encourages return visits.

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